MARS – The Great Adventure!

Join the crew on the first flight to Mars!!!

Be there when the astronauts repair a satellite, research a comet or even encounter aliens on their way to Mars. People’s first visit to Mars is exciting and very special.

Our exciting and fun kid’s space coloring book shows how a space mission to Mars could look like and proceed, and what the astronauts could experience in the process.
Our coloring images do not contain any dangerous situations and show the beautiful and exciting moments of such a journey.

You definitely shouldn’t miss that!

Mission to Mars Coloring Book Product Details:

  • 20 wonderful space designs with planets, comets, stars, the moon, rockets, aliens, meteors, and much more
  • easy to color for girls and boys
  • the perfect activity for car seat, restaurant, vacation or wedding
  • cute designs without repeat
  • single side printed to prevent it from being rubbed off on the next picture
  • bright white paper
  • perfect for all coloring and paint mediums like pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens and others
  • high quality 60lb (90gsm) paper stock with full-page designs
  • size 8.5×11 inches